Who’s Who

After the retirement of Reverend Neil Kirkham we are temporarily without a minister .  If you need to contact the Church please do so via the church secretary, to do so click here.

The officers of the church are:

Minister: Rev Tim Hodgins
If you need to contact the minister click here

Family Worker: Mr Troy Wright
If you need to contact the family worker click here

Chairman: To be appointed .
If you need to contact the chairman click here

Secretary: Rev John Dowber .
If you need to contact the secretary click here

Treasurer: Mr Dave Ratcliffe.
To contact the treasurer click here

Pulpit Secretary: Mr David Cossey
To contact the pulpit secretary click here

Church Elders: 

Mr D Cossey
Mrs M Cossey
Rev. J Dowber
Mrs V Dowber
Mrs P Moore
Miss W Pugh
Mr D Ratcliffe
Mrs C Ratcliffe
Mr J Sandham
Mrs R Scott
Mr A Scott
Mrs H Whittingham

Magazine Editors: Ruth & Derek Brown
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