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Windows - Groove Music

New installations of the Windows OS have both Groove Music and Windows Media Player. Unfortunately Groove Music does not play our radio broadcast. This is overcome by changing the default player for the radio station's filetype, m3u, to Windows Media Player.

1. Start the control panel

2. Type in "File Type" in the search box in the top right corner

Control Panel

3.Click on the option "Make a file type always open in a specific program"

4. Find the file type m3u

File type m3u


5. Click on the file type and then click on the Change Program Button

6. Change Program to "Windows Media Player"

7. Press OK


Imac machines may not have a m3u file player. Please find one from one of these

Android, Chrome and other devices

Select appropriate version for your device from this site

When you next click on the broadcast you will be asked which application do you wish open the m3u file with. Select VLC and click the "always" option.