Maesgwyn Road 

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Every Thu at 14:00

For those wishing to take the first steps about learning the message of Christianity come to this open and thoughtful meeting. A chance to find out if God has a place in your life.

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Senior Social Club

Every Thu at 19:30

An evening of scrabble, snooker and table-tennis, with tea, biscuits and lots of laughter thrown in may be just what you want. If so why not join us in the schoolroom on a Thursday evening from 7.30 p.m. until 9.30 p.m.(except during August).

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Cook A Chapel

Every 2nd Mon of the month at 18:30

This is a group for children aged 10-18 that offers them the chance to gather together to cook a main course and desert as a part of a group, create a sense of community, learn valuable new skills, develop Christian values and make new friends.

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Every Wed at 18:00

We meet, harmonise and enjoy an evening of music and voice.A chance to raise ones spirits by raising the Lord's name.

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Coffee Morning

Every 2nd Fri of the month at 10:30

On the second Friday of each month coffee and biscuits are served in the schoolroom (entrance via the side door of the church) between 10.30 and 12 noon. These events are an opportunity to meet and chat in a leisurely manner with old friends and new.

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Funky Fish

Every Tue at 16:30

Funky Fish is aimed at 3 to 11 year-olds. The children learn about Jesus and listen to Bible stories whilst enjoying a wide range of activities including games, singing, colouring, craft-work etc. As much fun and noise as possible.

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Console Evening

Every Tue at 18:00

A night of chilling and playing the best Nintendo and Playstation have to offer. Have a great time with friends and share some great moments. All in and environment where Christ's love is present.

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House Group

Every Mon at 14:00

A time of fellowship and study. Come and develop a closer relationship with God and his people.

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Ladies Fellowship

Every Tue at 14:30

The Ladies Fellowship meet every Tuesday (except during the school holidays) at 2.30pm.It is a time to worship God and a time to learn about Him and the work that is done in His name throughout the world. The meeting lasts about an hour and is followed by a cup of tea, a biscuit and the opportunity to chat to old friends and make new friends.

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Messy Church

Every 1st Thu of the month at 16:00

Come and have Fun, Food, Fellowship and Mess!! Lots of activity, high spirits, and the occasional story re-enactment that can split your sides.

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Sunday School

Every Sun at 11:00

Sunday School welcomes children of all ages. It is held every Sunday morning (except during the school summer holidays) and starts in Church at 11am where the first part of the service is geared towards the children after which they leave to have their own activities in the hall alongside the main Church building. Activities include listening to Bible stories, hearing about Jesus, quizzes colouring and many other activities to keep their interest whilst learning.

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Little Fishes, Parents and Toddlers

Every Wed at 9:30

A fun time for all the little ones with a chance to be in the company of friends. A fabbb time :)

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